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Tea Craft was founded in 1990, and contemporary Chinese Tea Art teaching has been one of her core businesses since then.

Wih the mission of promoting contemporary Chinese Tea Art in Singapore, Liuxiang and her students have been demonstrating and showcasing this new form of art at many occasions and national events. In the past decade, Liuxiang had been very active in setting up Tea Art Centres at the Community Centres in Singapore, and had provided excellent opportunities for tea lovers to learn and interact. In addition to that, Liuxiang had also organized various national and international events, attracting tea lovers from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, USA and many other countries to Singapore. Founder Mr Lee Chee Keong, one of the major figure heads in the local tea industry, has represented Singapore in many international tea events, and this has certainly flown our Singapore flag high in the international arena.

After years of practical experiences and constant invention, Liuxiang has formed a unique school of contemporary Chinese Tea Art. With the philosophy of harmony, love, modest and peace, Liuxiang focuses more on the choice of selected tea and tea set arrangement, accompanied by a set of standard movements; the entire presentation exemplifies the specially designed theme by the tea brewer.

Schools of Liuxiang have gone beyond Singapore, and they can now be found in Tokyo (Japan), Osaka (Japan), Vietnam and Thailand.

Besides teaching, Liuxiang’s other businesses include selling of a wide range of tea, tea sets, accessories and wholesale to hotels and restaurants.







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